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Trucking is big business in California. Nearly 80 percent of communities in our state depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods, making it the predominant mode of freight transport in California.

Most truckers are hard-working drivers who do their job safely and frequently observe the rules of the road.

However, when a truck accident does occur, it can be extremely dangerous to the other vehicles involved. In fact, 71 percent of fatalities in large truck accidents in 2013 were occupants of the other vehicle, in comparison to only 17 percent of truck occupants.

California Large Truck Statistics

  • In 2009, large trucks traveled an average of 15,499,902 miles on California interstate routes every day.
  • Los Angeles County was the second most traveled county in the State (2,670,800 miles per day).
  • In 2013, California had the second highest number of fatalities in large truck accidents in the United States.
  • In 2013, there were 243 fatalities in motor vehicle accidents involving large trucks in California.

When and Where Large Truck Accidents Happen

  • 64 percent of fatal truck accidents occur on rural roads.
  • 79 percent occur on weekdays.
  • Of those weekday crashes, 73 percent occur in daylight hours.

Why Large Truck Accidents Happen

When a truck driver is responsible for a collision, the reason is often driver fatigue. Drivers must travel long distances for long periods of time. There are limits for how long a truck driver can travel without taking a break (known as Hours of Service rules), yet some drivers find themselves pushing the limits just to find parking spots or a place to rest. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration points out that the “elements that influence the occurrence of a crash may take place hours, days, or months before the crash.”

Other common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Alcohol Use
  • Improper Signaling
  • Overall Lack of Proper Training and/or Experience
  • Vehicle Manufacturer and Design Problems
  • Highway Conditions
  • Weather Conditions

Truck Crash Attorney Sean ShamsiMany truck drivers work for large trucking companies who have dedicated legal teams ready to take action immediately after a collision occurs. This frequently puts the other party at a great legal disadvantage when it comes to truck accident cases in California. If you’re the occupant of a vehicle that has been involved in a large truck accident, it’s important to remember this fact and to never sign a form or speak to a representative of that trucking company without first consulting your own legal counsel.

If you or a member of your family has been injured by a large truck or commercial motor vehicle, you need an experienced truck accident attorney on your side. The Shamsi Law Firm is ready to help you stand up to the legal team of large trucking companies. These cases are often decided by the actions taken shortly after the accident occurs, so it’s important to act quickly. Contact us today for a free consultation, 888-742-6745.